Elite Downloading PAT Tester

Part Code: TIS700

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Product Details
Part Code: TIS700
  • Full Qwerty keyboard
  • Stores results on an SD card
  • Appliance description entry
  • Next due test date
  • Stores a minimum of 3000 test results
  • SD card formatted as excel file
  • Automatically creates test result certificates
  • SD card ensures that your tester is always testing
  • Mains adapter included
  • Surge protected equipment

The TIS 700 is a unique downloading Pat Tester being the first with built in and removable SD card, which can store up to 1 million test results depending on the size of the SD card fitted. Simply remove the SD card and put it into your PC, the SD card will download all its information into Excel, producing smart pass and fail certification with clients details etc, All this without the need for an expensive software package or yearly software subscriptions.

Insulation Testing Voltage 250V, 500V