Digital Light Switch with Optional Dusk Start, 1 Gang, White

Part Code: ZV700B

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Product Details
Part Code: ZV700B
  • 6 different time periods (5 day plus 2 day or 7 day programming) displayed on an easy-view blue illuminated screen
  • Four operating modes are available;
  • Auto mode: The light output will be controlled by the programmed times
  • Photocell mode: The light output will only come on when the light level drops, if it is within a programmed times
  • Random mode: On a random basis, it can change the ON/OFF times programmed by up to 30 minutes earlier, or later than programmed
  • Manual mode: The light output is controlled by the Adv button, not the programmed times
  • Automatic summer/winter time changeover
  • Controls 40 - 400W of filament, 11 - 150W low energy (minimum bulb size 11W), 18 - 76W of fluorescent, 20 - 200W of low voltage and 20W LED lighting
  • Fits a standard flush or surface mount BS wall box min. 25mm deep
  • 2 wire no neutral required

The ZV700B combines the function of a manual light switch, with the option of automatic timed control of lighting on a weekly basis available at the press of a button. There is a further option of starting an automatic lighting period at dusk, but ending it with a timed off, and a random option, based around programmed times.

Colour White
Number of Gangs 1 Gang
Product Type Light Switch