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Published: Thursday, 09 February 2023

Technology is evolving at its fastest rate ever, and 2022 has only brought about a wider range of new technologies to explore. Brought about through ambitious research and development departments, this roundup of technology trends will give you a quick summary of what has been happening in the world of technology, and what we can expect from the future.

The Internet of Things 

One of the most enduring technology trends of the last few years, this advancement is a huge step for the electrical manufacturing industry. The Internet of Things works to re-evaluate the fabrication process, and manages practices that are hard to achieve otherwise. It allows electronic manufacturing machines to self-process and store data while being digitally connected. More recent transitions to 5G have helped these efficient architectures decrease in costs, but increase in smoothness. Some examples of devices that use The Internet of Things include: wearable technology (such as head torches), smartphones and a variety of sensors. 


The time where drones were purely just used for the entertainment industry is now gone. Recent research has shown this technology is now adapting to meet the needs of engineering and construction companies.

But why? These companies are using this technology to examine specific hazardous electrical zones from a distance, meaning that no one has to enter the site and potentially put themselves at risk by going near faulty equipment. Research shows that on average, 4,000 people are electrocuted in the workplace each year - advances in drone technology mean that a range of industries can operate smoothly, without the risk of unsafe procedures. 

In addition to this, drones are also now being used to help record, collect and analyse data at job sites, increasing both productivity and efficiency. 


Automation and robotics

Especially since the COVID-19 pandemic, robotics have become a valued part of everyday life, especially when it comes to helping to improve working safety practices. For example, in unsafe environments like wireless underground electrical works, remotely controlled robots can be used to do electrical work instead of humans.

Another example includes countries worldwide introducing robotic deliveries for companies, from garage startups all the way to retail giants. These six-wheeled robots are designed with a range of sensors, which help to guide them whilst they drive along pavements and pathways to their end destination. 

Electric vehicles

Since the beginning of 2022, the share price for electrical vehicles such as Tesla, EV chargers and EV products has been rapidly increasing.

This popularity has resulted in 620,000 battery-electric cars on UK roads, plus a further 440,000 plug-in hybrids.

In 2022, improved technologies in batteries and high quality EV charging has allowed electric cars to charge faster. Advancements within The Internet of Things have also improved sensor automation in cars, keeping vehicles in their lane, and electric cars running even more smoothly.


Artificial Intelligence 

Previously, AI had difficulties conversing with humans, with them previously only being able to read, write or abstract content using speech recognition. However, the GPT-3 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer-3) has changed this interaction. First developed by OpenAI, this language tool trains AI models to converse with humans, as well as read and write texts. 

In 2022, AI hit the general public for the first time. This technology is being trained to implement predictive maintenance into production lines, which has endless benefits for a whole range of different industries. Integrating Ai into everyday working life could help reshape product development cycles, improve product design processes, and reduce defects, ultimately working to increase efficiency and reduce wasted materials.

Organic electronics 

2022 saw sustainability become more and more of a priority for people and industries worldwide. According to a February 2022 survey of 16,000 global consumers, more than half (51%) of respondents said environmental sustainability is more important to them than it was 12 months ago. This brought up the trend for designing circuits with microbial components or producing devices with biodegradable and recyclable materials.

As well as being sustainable they are also cost-effective, flexible, indissoluble, optically transparent, lightweight, and consume low power - helping households and businesses reach low energy goals alongside enjoying higher quality products. 

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