600A TRMS AC/DC Digital Clampmeter with Amp Tip Jaws

Part Code: TISE247

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Part Code: TISE247
  • High performance, high precision and high accuracy clamp meter
  • 6000 Count digital display
  • AC/DC current 600A TRMS
  • AC voltage TRMS
  • Amp tip jaws for accurate measurement
  • Fast 80ms peak-RMS Mode to capture in-rush currents
  • CX ranges 200uF to 2500uF for start and run motor capacitors
  • 35mm conductor size
  • Phase rotation test
  • 5 Year warranty

The Elite TIS E247 is a professional TRMS AC/DC clampmeter with AmpTip™ jaws featuring fast 80ms PEAK-RMS mode to capture In-Rush currents. It has a capacitance range from 200µF to 2000µF making it suitable for testing start & run motor capacitors. It also features DCµA range from 200.0µA to 2000µA (via leads) for HVA flame sensors.

Current Measure AC Max. 600A
Current Measure DC Max. 600A
Voltage Measure AC Max. 600V
Voltage Measure DC Max. 600V