How To Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

Published: Thursday, 09 February 2023

How To Keep Your Home Cool This Summer 

Learn how to keep a house cool in summer in this helpful guide. We provide top tips to help you find out how to keep a room cool in summer.

Summer has finally arrived and whilst many of us are thrilled to have a break from the usual cold British weather, the heat can cause our homes to become hot and stuffy. Luckily, there are some measures that you can take to keep your home cool and comfortable during the warm spells this summer.

In this guide, we’ll highlight some top tips for keeping your home cool in summer, ensuring that you’re comfortable in your space no matter the time of year. 

Top Tips To Keep A House Cool In Summer

If you’re wondering how to keep a room cool in summer, you’ll find out everything you need to know here. There’s nothing worse than a hot, stuffy room, especially when the temperatures outside are soaring. 

Here are our top tips for keeping your property at a cool temperature during summer:

  • Open your windows and doors

Opening your windows and doors can help to cool your home by letting in any breeze that’s available outside. Some people are torn on this, as it has been suggested that opening your windows can let in warm air and make your house even hotter. However, no one likes a stuffy house, and opening your windows can provide your space with some very needed fresh air. 

Plus, the impact of opening your windows can depend on where they are positioned. For example, if your windows are south-facing, they can allow more light and heat to enter and raise the temperature in your home, so you might want to keep these windows closed during the warmer periods of the day.

Keeping your internal doors open can also help to keep your house cool by improving air circulation, allowing cool air to travel around your home and keeping all rooms cool.

  • Close the curtains & blinds

Keeping your curtains and blinds open allows natural lighting to enter your home. Whilst this can be a great alternative to keeping your lights on, the natural light can cause your space to heat up. We therefore recommend trying to keep your curtains and blinds closed to help cool down your space.

  • Purchase a fan

It’s common knowledge that fan sales increase significantly when summer arrives – and there's great reason for this! An electric fan is a great solution for keeping your house cool in summer, providing direct or oscillating cool air within your space. There are also a variety of fans available on the market for you to choose from, including floor fans, desk fans, table fans, tower fans, oscillating fans, stand up fans and pedestal fans. If you’re interested in purchasing a fan for your space, we recommend acting fast whilst stocks last.

  • Use fan tricks to keep your area cool

Once you’ve purchased a fan, there are a few tricks you can perform to make your space even cooler during summer. For example, placing a bowl of ice in front of your desk fan can help to circulate cold air around your home. You could also use a humidifier along with your fan to cool down the air in the room. Another suggested trick is positioning your fan towards an outdoor window to push warm air out of the room. This is especially useful at night, as the warm air will be replaced with cool air from outside.

Investing in a floor fan is also a great strategy. Hot air rises, so the coolest air in your property will be at ground level. A floor fan can help to circulate this cool air. Additionally, if you have a ceiling fan fitted, try setting it to turn anti-clockwise for enhanced cooling.

  • Buy an air cooler

An air cooler is a  great alternative to a fan. These innovative devices are designed to cool air using evaporative cooling, passing hot air through a wet medium inside the machine and creating cooler moisturised air. Air coolers are useful as they do not circulate warm air around spaces like some fans do. Some models also feature a heating function, which can be beneficial during the colder months.

  • Switch to LED light bulbs

Did you know that the light bulbs in your home emit heat which can make your space even warmer? This is definitely not what you need on a warm summer’s day. As walking around in the dark simply isn’t an option, a great solution for this is to invest in low-energy LEDs. 

LED lights are highly efficient, so they don’t waste energy by emitting heat. Unlike standard incandescent light bulbs which use up to 90% of their energy as heat, LEDs convert 90% of the energy to light. This makes LEDs highly effective for keeping your space cool as well as helping to reduce your energy bills by around £55 per year.

LED lights are available in a variety of different forms, including LED panels, LED batten lights, LED lamps and LED fire-rated downlights.

  • Turn off unused appliances

Unbeknownst to some, appliances still use energy and emit heat when they are in standby mode. If you have a habit of leaving appliances like your television, computer and speakers on standby, you could be allowing unnecessary heat to circulate in your property, as well as wasting around £55 on your energy bills per year.

Turning off your appliances completely at the switch can help to keep your rooms cool and your energy bills low.

  • Eat more chilled food

During summer, you’ll want to avoid using your oven as much as possible to keep your space cool and comfortable. By generating hot air, ovens can make your household unbearably hot during a heatwave, so it’s best to look into more alternative ways of making dinner. A great relief for those looking for an excuse to avoid cooking or order a takeaway!

Instead of cooking hot food in the oven, you could opt for a quick salad, sandwiches or even set up a BBQ outside so that you can soak up the sun whilst it lasts.

  • Stay hydrated 

A simple yet essential tip, it’s important that you stay hydrated especially when the weather is warm. When it’s hot, you lose fluids from your body when you sweat, so you must drink plenty of fluids. According to medical advice, you should aim to drink around three litres of water during a heatwave. Drinking water can help to lower your body temperature and prevent dehydration. This is especially important for young children and the elderly. So, be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day when you’re at home to help keep cool and well.

  • Wear light, loose clothes 

During winter, many of us love to throw on our onesies, thick robes and our fluffiest socks. Now that it’s summer, it’s time for us to do the opposite. To keep cool, you should wear light, loose clothing to avoid feeling hot and stuffy. Thick clothing can make you feel as though your space is hotter than what it is, wasting all the efforts we have gone through thus far. 

Trying to figure out how to keep cool at night? Wearing light, loose items of clothing can also help here, as can replacing your thick winter duvet with a thin cover sheet.

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