The Benefits of Electric Vehicle Fleets For Businesses

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Published: Thursday, 09 February 2023

If you run a business that requires vehicle fleets to deliver your products and services, you should consider updating your transport system with an EV fleet. Hundreds of businesses are making the change to EV fleets, with organisations such as EV100 promoting commercial transitions to electric vehicles.

EV's transform workforces and can provide a number of benefits to your employees, your business and the environment. Find out the advantages of EV's for businesses and discover how your organisation can be improved with an electric fleet in this informative guide.

What are the advantages of electric cars for businesses?

Implementing an electric fleet of vehicles at your business can bring a host of benefits, from helping you meet sustainability targets to enabling savings on business overheads. 

Here are the key benefits of electric cars for businesses:

  • Enhanced sustainability & green credentials 

With the UK setting strict sustainability targets to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050, it’s more important than ever for all businesses to become more sustainable and eco-friendly. Replacing your petrol or diesel business cars with a fleet of electric vehicles can help to significantly reduce your business carbon footprint, as charger cars do not emit greenhouse gases whilst being driven. Businesses are also looking at getting ISO accreditation to help with environmental management. The main two accreditation's they look at is 14001 and 50001. These set businesses criteria to follow to help them manage their responsibilities to the environment.

  • Boost business reputation

Implementing an electric fleet into your business is a great step which can significantly boost your business reputation. Showing both your customers and potential investors that you are keenly committed to your corporate social responsibility, you can help the environment and stand out from your competitors with company fleet electric vehicles. An enhanced business reputation can increase customer loyalty and retention, as well as provide staff with peace of mind in knowing that they are working for a reputable company.


  • Reduced fuel costs

Even considering the initial costs of transitioning to an electric vehicle fleet, your business could make huge savings. With the cost of petrol and diesel on the rise, companies could make significant savings by opting for electric cars for businesses. Granted, electricity prices are rising also, however, businesses can save by taking advantage of cheaper off-peak electricity prices and charging their electric fleet overnight. 

Another effective method for saving energy and reducing costs is using renewable energy to power your workplace EV charging stations. Installing renewable energy sources like solar panels can allow you to generate your own electricity and use this energy to fuel your electric vehicle chargers. Plus, renewable energy sources can increase your energy credentials even further and boost your business reputation with eco-conscious customers and investors.

  • Opportunity to generate more revenue

If you have a customer-facing business site, you could monetise your electric fleet’s EV chargers by allowing visitors and customers to charge their vehicles. EVs are becoming increasingly popular on a worldwide scale, so there’s likely to be plenty of opportunity for you to earn by offering EV charging facilities at your business premises. 

Plus, offering on-site charging facilities can prompt customers to spend more time on your business property, thus increasing the likeliness of sales and conversions.


  • Improve staff driving experience

Having an electric fleet and commercial EV chargers on-site can provide great convenience to your staff. They can charge their vehicle whilst at work and not have to worry about interrupting their journeys with service station stops, or about doing expenses afterwards.

  • Business Future-Proofing 

With the sale of petrol and diesel cars set to be banned in the UK by 2030, implementing an electric fleet into your business can help with future-proofing. Making an early transition to electric vehicles can provide you and your staff with peace of mind in knowing that your business is making steps to thrive in the future.

Future Proof

Charging your Electric Fleet 

If, after learning about the advantages of electric cars for businesses, you’re ready to implement an electric fleet, you’ll need to install a number of high-quality commercial EV chargers. Here at YESSS electrical, we stock a variety of excellent commercial EV chargers from premium brands such as Easee and Sevadis. You can find all the workplace EV chargers you need from our superb range.

Wondering how you’ll fund your electric fleet? You could access government funding to help with the cost of electric cars for business. Find out more here

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