The benefits of a good lighting scheme in warehouse and factory environments and how these can be achieved

Published: Thursday, 09 February 2023

Often warehouse and factories share similar environments with common characteristics, such as few windows, high ceiling, and large floors. However, every space is different. Therefore, when a bespoke lighting system is required to adapt to the individual needs to ensure workers safety, operational efficiency, and the protection of the environment.


LED fixtures are by far the best lighting option regarding warehouse or factory facilities. They offer better-quality lighting with a longer lifespan whilst using a significantly less energy than your traditional lighting which results in cost savings. Unlike older lamps, LEDs switch on instantly which doesn’t take time to reach full brightness.

Light Colours are Key

The red lighting solution ensures that correct colour light is distributed to where it is needed the most, boosts the visibility and clarity and reduces the overall glare by careful positioning.

Being in a warehouse or factory environment, ideally you want your system to deliver an even and consistent spread of light. For example, in a warehouse setting the recommended lux levels stated by the CIBSE guidelines are a minimum of 150 lux at floor level and preferably 200 lux at the face of racking of any size.

Lighting colour is also important. Firstly, due to aesthetic reasons but also it affects clarity and contrast for your workers. For example, if your workers are within your warehouse constantly reading labels, ensuring that you can provide them with the best reading light possible to benefit your business.

Smart Systems

Intelligent lighting controls or smart systems are great solutions to implement into warehouse and factory spaces. It offers more lighting control and a better performance, with the systems being able to switch off lighting not being used due to motion sensors resulting in reduced energy use and costs. 

Tier One Components

Warehouse and factory light fittings usually are high and therefore hard to access. Having tier one components makes your warehouse lighting reliable and long-lasting. I’d also recommend purchasing products made in Britain as you are able to service any issues with the products easier.

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