Electric Car Charging Grant for Schools Set to Rise to £2,500

Commercial EV Charging

Published: Monday, 12 February 2024

Each year, more and more electric vehicles are on the road. With that comes the need for more electric vehicle chargers at the workplace. Recent government change has increased the grant offered to schools to install electric car vehicles from £350 to now up to £2,500 per socket, this could also allow the opportunity for school to generate revenue for their charge points by opening them up to the public.

The announcement will help to increase the charging infrastructure around England. The scheme will help to add much needed charge points for EV drivers around the UK which will help to deal with issues with lack of chargers in certain areas. Funding looks set to be over £300 million that will be provided to local authorities to help install the technology in their areas.

Matt Robinson, associate director of property has mentioned that in the future, roofs of schools could be used for solar panels and their car parks for EV charging. This will provide an opportunity for them to earn revenue outside of school hours by opening the chargers to the public for evening charging.

Baroness Barran, the academies minister expressed that it was “an exciting opportunity for schools across England to become part of an ongoing move towards a greener public sector”. She also stated that “developing a greener education estate is a key element of our sustainability and climate change strategy. The expansion of this grant supports our ambition to improve the sustainability of our schools in the ongoing move towards net zero”.

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