PV Ultra

PV Ultra

Published: Monday, 12 February 2024

As we look to the future of renewable energies and technology, what we need to install these products also needs to move with the times. Having the right type of cabling is important to make sure installs become quicker, neater, easier, and safer. PV-Ultra® by Doncaster Cables is an amazing solution for all photovoltaic systems. In this article, we will look at what PV-Ultra® does and why it works great for solar installations.

What is PV-Ultra?

PV-Ultra® cable consists of Red & White cores in compliance with BS7671, with regards to two-wire unearthed DC power circuits, a neater, easier and safer installation process. Available in both 2 and 4-core options as well as SWA. The cable is designed for DC interconnections between solar panels and other components of the photovoltaic systems, such as isolators and inverters.


One of the great things regarding PV-Ultra® is that it can be installed with normal cable accessories, meaning there will be no additional costs to install your cable. Overall, the PV-Ultra® makes it a quicker, neater, and easier install that has a high-quality built-in high-tensile rip cord which helps with stripping the inner bedding. This will help to remove the risk of damage to the inner cores in comparison to traditional stripping methods. 

Why switch to PV-Ultra?

Doncaster Cables' new Solartek® sheathing technology gives PV-Ultra® excellent UV stability, impact resistance, and abrasion resistance. All the technology implemented into PV-Ultra® is specifically designed to make installation of PV systems easier. It can also be installed internally or externally so you won’t need different wiring depending on the job. The high-quality materials Doncaster Cables use gives a potential lifespan of around 25 years. 

Doncaster Cables have been offering high-quality wiring since 1984 and have been at the forefront of product development throughout. PV-Ultra® is the next step in that development and is making installers' and customers' lives easier when wanting to take that next step into renewable technology.

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