Energy Saving Tips To Help You Save

Published: Thursday, 09 February 2023

Energy Saving Tips To Help You Save 

Cut your energy costs with our energy saving tips. From LED lights to smart thermostats, find out how our quick & easy energy saving tips can help you save.

With the cost of living in the UK rising, it’s more important than ever for you to make savings wherever you can. Did you know that homes in the UK waste around 54% of the energy they use? That’s a significant amount of energy going through the window. Plus, with energy prices at an all time high, UK homeowners could see even more money going down the drain on energy.

So, what can you do to lower your energy bills and learn how to save electricity and gas? Find out in this helpful guide where we provide you with some top tips for energy saving to help you cut your energy costs and maximise your savings.

What’s The Best Way To Reduce Your Energy Bills?

The best way to reduce your energy bills is to make steps to reduce your energy consumption and boost the level of energy efficiency in your property. Your energy bills are calculated by multiplying your energy tariff’s rates by your energy usage. Thus, by reducing the amount of energy you use, you can lower your energy costs.

Lower energy bills isn’t the only benefit of reducing your energy consumption. Another great benefit is that you can significantly reduce your carbon footprint and help the environment by using less energy.

Want to find out how to save energy at home and increase your level of energy efficiency? Check out our energy saving top tips below. 

10 Top Tips for Saving Energy

Saving energy isn’t as difficult as you might think. There are a number of simple measures that you can perform in your property to reduce your energy consumption and cut your energy costs. 

Here are our top 10 energy saving tips:

  • Do Some DIY Draught-Proofing

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to save energy is draught-proofing your property. This measure can help maintain temperatures in your home. This is especially useful during wintertime, as the last thing you need during a cold spell  is warm air escaping through gaps in your floors, windows and doors. 

You can conduct DIY draught-proofing around your home using sealant, self-adhesive foam strips and draught excluders. By sealing draughts throughout your property, you can boost the level of heat retention and make it easier to keep your rooms at your ideal temperatures. This means that your heating system won’t have to work as hard and less energy will be consumed. It is reported that draught-proofing can help you save up to £65 per year.

  • Get Home Insulation

Another effective measure for saving energy at home is getting home insulation installed. This process involves the placing of insulating material, such as mineral wool or fibreglass, into your walls, floors or roof to act as a barrier between the inside of your home and outside temperatures. You can also insulate your hot water cylinder (if applicable) with an insulating jacket to keep your water hot for longer periods.

Insulation helps to keep your household cool during summer and warm during winter, again allowing you to maintain your ideal temperatures and placing less pressure on your heating system. The measure helps to reduce your reliance on your home heating and this lowers your energy usage, leading to great savings of up to £2,500 according to the Energy Saving Trust.

  • Invest in Energy-Saving LEDs

Did you know that LEDs are the most efficient type of lighting available? Light-Emitting Diodes are 90% more efficient than standard incandescent bulbs, and 60% more efficient than fluorescent lights. Due to this, you could save £55 on your annual energy bill by replacing your standard light bulbs with energy-saving LEDs. 

The great thing about LEDs is that they are available in a variety of forms – from LED downlights to LED panels and LED decking lights. They’re also extremely long-lasting, with typical lifespans of around 50,000 hours. LED lights can be used both indoors and outdoors, so you can boost the level of energy efficiency in all areas of your home.

  • Switch off standby mode

Did you know that in the average UK household, between 9% and 16% of energy is wasted by supplying power to appliances left in standby mode? That’s a significant amount of money being spent on wasted energy! According to research, you could save around £55 on your energy bill by ensuring that all of your appliances are turned off at the switch when they’re not in use.

  • Choose Energy-Efficient Appliances

When purchasing electrical appliances for your property, you should always aim to choose products that have high energy ratings/labels. Appliances are rated with energy labels from A-G, with ‘A’ meaning very efficient and ‘G’ meaning inefficient. In order to reduce your energy wasted and save on your electricity bills, you should aim to select appliances with an efficient energy rating. From your kettle to your washing machine and television, you should always be sure to consider the energy rating of an appliance before you make a purchase.

  • Use Smart Devices

In order to successfully reduce your energy bills, you’ll need to ensure that you are monitoring and taking full control of your energy consumption, ensuring that energy is only used when necessary. Smart devices such as smart thermostats and smart meters provide an innovative and convenient way of doing this. 

A smart thermostat helps you control your home heating with ease from your smartphone or android. You can set personalised heating schedules to align with your daily routine, and you can also access your home heating whilst you're on the go, eliminating the common mistake of leaving the heating on whilst you’re away.

Using a smart meter can also help you monitor and lower your energy usage by allowing you to see exactly how energy is being used in your property. Smart meters provide a breakdown of your energy consumption in pounds and pence, enabling you to identify the areas where you can improve and save. In addition, smart meters take automatic energy readings and send them straight to your gas and electricity supplier, this enables accurate billing and prevents you from being overcharged.

  • Be More Efficient With Your Energy Use

This energy saving tip is key if you want to significantly reduce the amount you spend on your gas and electricity bills. You’ll need to ensure that you only consume the energy that you need to run your home, cutting down on unnecessary energy use. For example, instead of using your lights during daytime, try to make more use of natural lighting to reduce energy consumption. Additionally, simple steps like turning your thermostat down can help to lower your bills. It is claimed that turning your thermostat down by just 1° can allow you to save around 10% on your energy bill.

  • Increase your water efficiency

Interestingly, over half of the average UK home’s energy bill is spent on heating and hot water. Due to this, it’s essential that you ensure that you are using water efficiently within your home in order to reduce your energy bills.

Luckily, this isn’t a difficult task to do, there are a number of simple measures which can help to cut both your energy and water bills. For instance, you could save up to £20 on your energy bill and up to £25 on your water bill (with a water meter) by taking showers instead of running baths. You could also save up to £55 on your gas bill and £45 on your water bill by fitting an efficient showerhead. To reduce energy even further, you should also aim to always fully load your dishwasher and washing machine, as well as ensure that taps are always shut completely – a leaking tap wastes thousands of litres of water per year!

  • Update your heating system 

A highly effective energy saving tip is updating your heating system with a new boiler. You could also replace radiators where needed. As aforementioned, over 50% of your energy bill goes towards heating your home. Due to this, it’s essential that you have an efficient boiler system installed, as your boiler is a huge part of your heating system.

An inefficient boiler can waste a significant amount of energy, so if your current system is over the age of 10 years old, it could be time to get a new one installed. According to the Energy Saving trust, installing a new energy efficient boiler could help you save up to £300 on your annual energy bill. Not to mention, getting a new boiler can also enhance the quality of heating and hot water in your home. 

Although gas boilers are the most popular type of heating in the UK, there are alternative methods of heating your home available, such as electric radiators. With a gas boiler ban on the way, it may be worth looking into other ways in which you can heat your home efficiently.

  • Switch Energy Supplier

Last but not least, you could save money on your gas and electricity bills by switching energy suppliers. There is a growing number of energy suppliers on the market, all offering different rates for gas and electricity. You can easily compare energy suppliers online to find out which supplier could provide you with the cheapest deal. Additionally, if you have a home EV charger fitted, there are many suppliers on the market which offer tailored EV energy tariffs to help you get the most out of your electricity tariff for your EV and your home.  

Please note, due to the current state of the energy market, some homeowners may find it hard to find a cheaper deal for their gas and electricity. However, we recommend keeping an eye on the market to see if this improves and switching suppliers when you can. 

Reduce Your Energy Bills With YESSS Electrical

Here at YESSS Electrical, we understand how important it is for you to save as much as possible, especially during the existing financial climate. Reducing your energy consumption can not only help you save, but it also benefits the environment by lowering your carbon footprint.

We can provide you with a range of energy-efficient electrical appliances to help you boost your property’s energy efficiency and lower your energy bills. From energy-saving LED lights and electric radiators, to electric showers and high quality EV chargers, find all the electrical supplies you need from our diverse range of products.

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