7.2kW AutoCharge:EV Opencharge Charging Pedestal - Type 2 - 2 Outlets

Part Code: OCPP0021

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Product Details
Part Code: OCPP0021
  • Floor mounted commercial charger
  • Robust heavy duty pedestal, ideal for offices, exposed commercial locations or shared parking arrangements
  • Authentication options to prevent unauthorised access
  • Plug-and-play/free to use as standard
  • Available with GPRS and ethernet connectivity
  • OCPP compliant versions available
  • Compatible with all electric vehicles and PHEVs
  • Single or dual outlet
  • In built AC and DC fault protection
Charging Rate 7.2kW
Colour Black
Connector Type Type 2
Current Rating 32A
Mounting Type Root, Surface
Number of Connectors 2 Outlet