Shaver Sockets

Discover our extensive range of shaver sockets and accessories here at YESSS Electrical. We stock leading brands such as Eurolite, Scolmore and Knightsbridge for quality shaver sockets you can rely upon. Choose from a variety of colours, finishes, features and sizes to complement your space and create a convenient shaving facility.

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What is the benefit of installing shaver sockets?


Shaver sockets are IP-rated, meaning that they provide a good level of resistance against water and dirt and typically feature safety features such as isolating transformers and RCDs to protect against electric shocks.


The dedicated power source is typically installed beside a bathroom mirror or sink for easy and accessible shaving and grooming. Most shaver plug sockets are dual-voltage and can accommodate shavers from different countries, making them an ideal choice for hotels and travellers.

Compact design

Shaver sockets are designed to blend seamlessly into the bathroom wall. Their compact design allows for a neat appearance with no compromise on functionality. Their design also eliminates the need for adaptors that could otherwise become bulky or unsafe in a wet or damp bathroom environment.

What is the difference between a shaver socket and a regular socket?

A shaver socket is specifically designed to emit a low voltage output for the charging and powering of electric shavers or toothbrushes in bathrooms. A regular socket provides a higher voltage to power and charge a huge range of electrical appliances and does not offer dual voltage or specific safety features like shaver sockets provide.

Are shaver sockets easy to install?

Shaver sockets are usually installed by a qualified electrician during bathroom renovations or installations. It involves connecting the socket to the mains electrical supply and ensuring proper grounding and safety measures are in place.

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