2kW Electric Over Door Heater Air Curtain with Remote Control, 451 x 100 x 200mm, Black


2kW Electric Over Door Heater Air Curtain with Remote Control, 451 x 100 x 200mm, Black

Part Code: MYODHBL

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Part Code: MYODHBL

This sleek air curtain is one of the most advanced models on the market. Using the latest in ceramic heating technology combined with smart energy-saving features, it’s perfect for any business looking to reduce their energy bills with an eco-friendly heating option, as well as bathrooms and any other room in the home. Whether you’re a customer-facing business or you want to take the chill out of your bathroom when you step out of the shower, everyone will appreciate the comforting feeling of stepping through a warm curtain of air!

Thanks to its ceramic heating element, this air curtain reaches its target temperature quickly and retains heat very well, so it cools down slowly when powered off. This offers unrivalled heating performance while only using a minimal amount of energy.

Get your temperature just the way you like it, down to the degree, using the built-in digital thermostat. If you don’t want to worry about precise temperature settings, you can easily flip between three pre-set modes for a quick and easy solution. You can also switch between two power settings – 1kW and 2kW – if you need more heat or a more eco-friendly performance.

Use your air curtain as a cooling fan in summer by turning off the heating elements entirely. This mode means the unit will only use enough power to operate the fan, pushing cool air down over your doorway. This provides instant cool relief for anyone entering your business on a blistering hot day – something that’s sure to make a good first impression.

Set and forget your air curtain with the 24/7 timer. This allows you to program your heater to turn on or off at any time, so you can schedule it to run during business hours and switch off automatically.

You can easily adjust your heater’s settings using the included remote control. This lets you tweak how your heater runs with ease, without having to leave your seat.

The advanced energy-saving technology inside this heater earns it EcoDesign Lot 20 certification. Lot 20 is a new set of energy efficiency legislation – if a heater is certified, you know it meets the highest eco-friendly standards in the world.

A far cry from the bulky, ugly units of the past, this air curtain is sleek, stylish, and ultra-modern. They have a slimline look, with gentle curved edges that gives them a timeless design. If you want an air curtain that improves your internal décor, rather than a unit that you have to try and hide away, this is the model for you.

Colour Black
Depth 100mm
EAN 5056411313289
Height 200mm
IP Rating IP22
Manufacturer Part Code MYODHBL
Wattage 1kW, 2kW
Width 450mm