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MASTER TL-D Super 80 30W/840 1SL/25

Part Code: 63186240

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Part Code: 63186240
  • Low-pressure mercury discharge lamps with a tubular 26mm envelope
  • Special fluorescent coating gives good colour rendering
  • Relatively high efficiency, both initially and during lamp lifetime, with high lumen maintenance
  • Create atmospheres from warm white to cool daylight
  • Highly efficient 3 band fluorescent coating in combination with New Generation pre-coating technology
  • High initial light output
  • Low mercury dose
  • Suitable for use in a wide range of luminaires for TL-D fluorescent lamps for 'human' applications such as schools, shops, factory halls etc.
Brand Philips Lamps
Bulb Colour Cool White
Cap Base G13
Colour Temperature 4000K
Dimmable Dimmable
EAN 8711500631862
EClass Code 22-10-52-04
Lumens 2400lm
Wattage 30W