T8 Tube Light

At YESSS Electrical, we stock a variety of fluorescent tubes, including T8 tube lights. All of our T8 fluorescent tubes have a diameter of 25mm. 

LED T8 tubes are best suited for larger environments such as supermarkets and hospitals, however they can also be used in a range of other settings too. If it’s an area where you require a substantial amount of light, T8 tubes are perfect for the job.

T8 fluorescent tubes offer an efficient source of light whilst minimising heat output. T8 LED tubes are both cost effective and long lasting.

Browse this page to find a range of professional T8 fluorescent tubes in different wattages, colours and lengths to suit your needs. 

At YESSS Electrical, we only stock the most reputable brands, including GE and Phillips.

Take a look at our range of T8 tube lights below, or contact us if you require further assistance.

We also have T5 and T9 fluorescent tubes available.