Outdoor LED Brick Lights

A perfect way to add a stylish ambience to your outdoor space, our collection of brick lights are an ideal source of low-level lighting for your stairs, paths, and driveways.

You can also try our low-power LED brick lights to keep the cost down without compromising on lighting quality. Our brick lights come in a range of colours and styles to fit the needs of your outdoor spaces.

Manufactured by leading brands Saxby and Searchlight, our brick lights are built to withstand everyday wear and tear to provide fantastic ambient low-level illumination all year long.

Take a look at our robust brick lights below and add a touch of class to your outdoor spaces. Shop today and get free UK delivery on all orders over £50 (excluding VAT).

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3.5W LED Brick Light IP44

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What are brick lights?

Brick lights are used to replace bricks in your outdoor space with lighting and are usually designed to imitate the shape of a single house brick. They are designed to fit flush into walls or other vertical surfaces such as stairs or a garden path. Elegant and effective, brick lights are a subtle but stylish way to light up outdoor areas and create a welcoming environment.

What are the advantages of brick lights?

Brick lights are a fantastic addition to any home or garden, giving a stylish ambience to your living environment. Stylish and practical, brick lights light up stairways and paths to guide people and help reduce accidents and injuries at night. Outdoor lighting makes an excellent safety feature and can act as a deterrent for thieves by increasing visibility around the property.

At YESSS Electrical, we only stock top-of-the-range brick lighting products to suit your needs for effective and reliable lighting in all weathers.

How do I choose the right kind of brick light for my outdoor space?

When selecting the perfect brick light for your outdoor area, there are several features you should consider. For example, ensure your outdoor brick lights have an IP rating of IP65 or higher to ensure durability when exposed to the elements. Pathways and driveways may require a higher level of brightness and may necessitate a higher Lumen level compared to decorative lighting.

Some brick lights also come with adjustable surfaces or accessories like grills, louvres, or shades, enabling you to control the light's direction.

Wattage is another factor to keep in mind, as it indicates the power consumption of the brick light. For energy efficiency, consider LED lights which are renowned for their reduced energy consumption while still providing ample illumination.

Finally, consider the various shapes, sizes and designs of the brick light, ensuring that it fits appropriately within your outdoor space.

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