Outdoor Bollard Lights

Looking to bring a bit of light to your outdoor space? Our bollard and post lights are an ideal addition to your garden, driveway, or decking area.

Available in a number of styles, colours and finishes, our collection is from reputable brands such as Lutec, Eterna, and Searchlight. Built for durability, you can have peace of mind that your bollard light will illuminate your space no matter the weather.

We also sell LED bollard lights for low energy consumption, so you can get more light using less energy, looking after both your wallet and the planet.

Take a look at our collection of bollard lights today.


How far should bollard lights be placed?

There is no hard and fast rule for placing bollard lights. It depends on the type of use and the quality of ambient light. As a general rule of thumb, they should be no closer than 1.5 metres together and no further than 3 metres apart.