Decorative Bathroom Lights

Discover our fantastic range of decorative bathroom lights at YESSS Electrical.

At YESSS Electrical, we only supply decorative bathroom lights from leading brands such as Saxby and Eterna for quality you can trust.

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What types of decorative bathroom lighting do you supply?

We stock a selection of brilliant bathroom lighting, from bathroom wall lights to bathroom and mirror lights, including:

  • Over mirror lights
  • Single and twin wall lights
  • Shaver lights
  • Portico lights
  • Ceiling lights
  • Cabinet lights
  • Illuminated mirrors

How energy-efficient are your decorative bathroom lights?

The majority of our products are LED or LED compatible for bright light output with a much lower energy consumption than traditional lighting. LED lights are up to 80% more efficient than standard incandescent lighting, they are also longer-lasting. As a result of this, our LED bathroom lights could help to reduce your energy bills and lower your energy wastage.

Does bathroom lighting need to be waterproof?

Bathroom lighting, especially in areas directly exposed to water such as showers and tubs, should be rated for use in wet or damp environments. Our range of bathroom lights is IP44 rated and designed to withstand water and moisture exposure. If you're unsure of which rating you need for your space, refer to the manufacturer's instructions, speak to your local electrician or get in touch with our team for more information.

What is the best placement and spacing for bathroom lights?

Planning and placement of your bathroom light fixtures contribute to the style and functionality of your space. As a general rule, recessed lighting should be evenly placed across the ceiling, approximately 4 feet apart with 2 feet from walls for ideal coverage, while ceiling lights can be spaced by dividing the ceiling height by two.

Are LED lights a good option for bathroom lighting?

LED lights are perfect for bathrooms, as they provide bright light and can handle humid conditions much better than traditional lighting. They are long-lasting and highly energy-efficient, ideal for helping to lower youryou carbon footprint and your energy bills.

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