LED Candle Lamps

Most often used for decorative lighting such as desk lamps, wall lights and chandeliers, LED candle lamps are a sustainable way of creating a warm, vintage feeling in your home or office.

Rather than traditional halogen lamps, LED candle lamps are up to 90% energy efficient, meaning you won’t need to replace bulbs in your home or property as often, as well as keeping your energy bills down.

Our mood-setting range includes both non-dimmable LED candle bulbs and dimmable LED candle bulbs, putting you in control of brightness levels.

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What type of LED candle lamps do you supply?

Our candle LED bulbs include frosted or clear finishes depending on how bright you'd like your light. For example, many people choose frosted for living rooms and bedrooms, while clear bulbs may be better suited to kitchens and desks. Our lamps are also available in warm or cool white, depending on whether you'd prefer a modern or cosy look. We also stock bulbs in a range of different wattages and brightness, from 4-6 W and 460 - 806lm. Each LED candle lamp is sourced from leading brands such as Crompton Lamps, Kosnic and GE Lighting.

Can dimmable LED candle bulbs fit in all types of light fixtures?

We stock various sizes and bases to fit different types of light fixtures such as table lamps and pendant lights. These include a small Edison screw (E14), a small bayonet cap (B15) and other standard light fittings. Don't forget to check the individual bulb specifications and compatibility with your light fixture before choosing the right light for your space.

Should I choose dimmable or non-dimmable candle lamps?

Dimmable LED candle lights offer adjustable brightness levels, allowing you to create different atmospheres and moods in your space. Non-dimmable LED candle lights act like standard light bulbs, emitting light at a set level.

Are LED candle lamps energy-efficient?

LED candle lamps consume significantly less energy than traditional bulbs. They're not only much kinder to the planet, they can save you money on your electricity bills thanks to their reduced energy use.

Do LED candle lamps emit any heat?

Although our range of candle lamps are designed to mimic the appearance of traditional candles, LED technology means that they emit very little heat and are flicker-free too, unlike a real candle! This makes LED candle lamps a safe and energy-efficient option for a variety of lighting needs.

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