Heating Mats

Underfloor heating mats can be installed underneath almost any floor and are a highly economical and efficient way to heat your home. With underfloor heating mats, you have greater flexibility when designing the interior of your home as they are completely hidden beneath the floor and your floor coverings.

Reducing cold spots in the home, underfloor heating mats provide instant heating on demand.

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Discover our range

Our range includes heating mats, accessories and kits from leading brands including Elements and Flexel and offer a variety of size and coverage options. Our mats are available in different standard power ratings and can heat a room on their own, without a secondary heat source, including 150W for internal fitting such as kitchens and bathrooms, while our 200W mats are ideal for areas that experience high heat loss such as conservatories.

The benefits of underfloor heating mats

Underfloor heating mats are an efficient and maintenance-free way to heat your home. Unlike traditional heating systems, electric underfloor heating mats distribute heat evenly throughout a room, creating a comfortable and consistent temperature. They provide warmth with no visible heating fixtures, leaving you to design your room just how you'd like it. Our electric underfloor heating mats are easy to install and can help you save on your energy bills too.


How do underfloor heating mats work?

Underfloor heating mats can be installed directly under most floor types, either during initial construction or as part of a renovation project for a cosier home. The mats contain a network of wires that are covered in a thin layer of insulation, which helps to distribute heat evenly across the floor. The electricity fed through the wires heats them up and allows warmth to radiate up through the flooring and into the room above.

How do you install underfloor heating mats?

Underfloor heating mats are easy to install and different kinds can be placed under different types of flooring, including tiles, laminate, and carpet. The first step to a hassle-free installation is to ensure the subfloor is clean, dry and level so that the mats can be measured out, cut to size if needed and secured to the subfloor with the adhesive tape provided. Once the mats are in place, they can be connected to a thermostat and electrical supply, following the manufacturer's instructions.

Are underfloor heating mats energy efficient as a heating system?

Heating mats are surprisingly energy-efficient, especially compared to traditional radiators as they use radiant heating to warm spaces from the ground up. Some estimates suggest that underfloor heating mats can help to reduce your energy bills by up to 30% compared to traditional heating systems, making them a cost-efficient choice for your home or business. A digital thermostat makes it easy to regulate temperature and energy use, while insulation boards or insulated underlay can also be added to further improve efficiency.