Home Lighting Trends 2023


Published: Monday, 06 March 2023

The new year brings a new way people see lighting. Industry specialists are always looking at new ways to innovate lighting design. This hasn’t changed for homeowners either. Each year people look to see how they can add a little extra to their home and by changing your lighting, you could make a room appear more spacious for example.

In this blog, we will look at some of the lighting trends for 2023 and how you can switch up you’re lighting.


LED (Light-Emitting Diode) is the current lead in sustainable lighting and in 2023 seems to be even more popular. LED is the forefront of lighting technology, so we would recommend implementing it into your lighting installation if you haven’t already. Not only do you save money due to their reduced energy usage and replacement costs are also significantly less as they last longer than regular bulbs - up to 25 times longer. Luxna offers a variety of LED products to choose from perfect for both home and commercial use. You can check out the Luxna range here

LED Strips

Another recommendation would be LED strip lighting. This type of lighting is often used in corner areas of rooms and helps to create ambient lighting. It can also be used for accent lighting to highlight a specific area of the room, so it stands out. LED strips are great for rooms where you want to highlight a specific feature and are commonly used in kitchens, living rooms and gaming rooms. We stock ALL LED’s range of LED strip kits which are the perfect addition to any room. You can find their range here.


Smart Lighting Systems 

Each year people are looking for technology to make simple tasking in their lives easier, something as simple as turning a light off. Smart lighting systems allow you to control your lighting wherever you are, making sure no light is left on which will help you save money. These controls also give the users freedom to control how bright their lighting is with a dimmable option allowing you to easily and freely change the lighting to fit the mood of your room.

Garden Lighting

During the summer months, people generally like to enjoy the outdoor lifestyle. Family and friends get-togethers can often last util late in the day (or early mornings) and with this you need good external lighting. Garden lighting is a fantastic way to keep the party going and keep your patio lit with great design options to choose from. Lutec offers a wide variety of garden lighting to choose from with a selection of designs and colours to pick from. Shop the Lutec range today here.



Downlights are a great way to highlight a specific part of your home to create a focus point for your guests. With the demand in businesses creating more sustainable technology, downlights are now using LED lighting to help reduce your electric bill and will save you money instead of using halogen bulbs. They are also a helpful way to assist with fire safety. Where the correct type of downlights are installed, they can act as a seal slowing the spread of fire and we recommend fire-rated downlights especially within buildings were people inhabit the floor above. Take a look at our Luxna range of high-quality fire-rated downlights which you can find here.

Natural Light 

Although people rarely think about it, natural light is something that can change the perception of a room and provide a more positive atmosphere. One issue when relying on natural lighting is the unpredictable change in weather, especially in the UK where no two days are the same. Ideally, natural lighting should work in harmony to support the general lighting within the room. It is also important to note that if you are trying to sell your property then having your blinds open could increase your property value up to 1.7%. To learn more check out our guide on How to stage your home’s lighting for property listings and viewings.


How we light our homes can be a creative, artistic, and subjective process. Accent lighting, mood settings, space enhancements ad energy savings should all be considered. By showing these trends we hope they may provide some fantastic ideas in how best to light up your space for the coming year.

At YESSS Electrical we stock a wide and varied range of lighting products for both indoor and outside use. Offering great lighting options for whatever solution you require. Check out the product ranges in both our Lamps & Tubes section and Lighting section for all your requirements.

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