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The POD Point is Now Available for Pre-Order

The POD Point from YESSS is Now Available to Pre-Order online for just 1p.

What is POD Point?

  • POD Point is an Electric and Hybrid Vehicle charging unit.
  • 3.7 kw car charger safely charges electric or hybrid cars overnight
  • Installs in your garage or on an external wall.
  • No need to own an electric or hybrid car to benefit from this offer
  • Upgrade to fast charger possible
  • Charger & Installation worth over £1,000

3.7KW Home Charger.
This 3.7kw basic home charger allows you to charge your electric or hybrid vehicle safely overnight, this takes around 6 – 8 hours to charge a completely empty electric vehicle, although it is rare for the vehicle to be completely empty.  While you sleep, the car charges, and is ready for you the next day. This unit is compatible with all the following electric and hybrid cars: Nissan Leaf; Mitsubishi iMiEV; Citroen C-Zero; Peugeot Ion; Ford Connect EV; Vauxhall/Opal Amera, Toyota Prius PHEV; Renault Kangoo; Renault Fluence.

7KW Fast Charge Upgrade Home Charger.
The £90 upgraded unit reduces the charging time from 6-8 hours down to just over 3 hours. This unit can also charge the Renault Zoe and the new BMW i3

How to Get Your POD Point. 

  1. The order is placed on YESSS Electrical website for the 3.7kw unit or £90 for 7kw unit.
  2. The National Distribution Center contact Pod-Point with the customers address.
  3. Pod-Point appoint an approved installer to the customer.
  4. Pod-Point then inform the NDC which YESSS branch the installer will visit to buy the Pod-Point unit from.
  5. The installer contacts the customer within 2 days to arrange the install.
  6. The installer purchases the Pod-Point from the YESSS branch.
  7. Customer install is carried out.

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