75W Portable Air Cooler, White

Part Code: MY19B

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Product Details
Part Code: MY19B
  • Stylish design
  • Portable
  • Push button control
  • 3 speed setting
  • With oscillation
  • With handle
  • 4 ice packs
  • 8l tank
  • Cooling function
  • Easy fill water tank

This superb air cooler is the best way to keep cool on a budget. It’s much cooler than a fan at a fraction of the cost of an air conditioner and is perfect for any room in the home or office. Using the natural process of evaporative cooling to lower air temperature and a powerful fan to circulate that cool air around the room, this air cooler uses just 75W power, so it’s cheap to run and eco-friendly.

The process of refilling your air cooler’s water tank is a breeze thanks to the top-mounted spout. This means you don’t need to remove the water tank to refill it – just lift the lid on top of the unit and pour into the spout.

As it doesn’t contain any heavy machinery, this air cooler is incredibly lightweight. This means it’s portable, so you can easily wheel it around wherever you like – you can even pick it up and carry it upstairs with ease.

You can select one of three fan speed settings and turn the oscillation function on and off at the push of a button. If you’re not confident with technology, this is the air cooler for you – it couldn’t be easy to use.

On sweltering days, you can add extra power to your air cooler by placing ice packs in the water tank. This model comes with four free ice packs, so you can use them to get your room temperature just right.

Colour White
Power Output 75W