2kW App Controlled Electric Panel Heater, 810 x 85 x 435mm, LED, White, Lot 20 Compliant


2kW App Controlled Electric Panel Heater, 810 x 85 x 435mm, LED, White, Lot 20 Compliant

Part Code: MHPH05-20E

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Part Code: MHPH05-20E

This smart heater is one of the most advanced convector heaters on the market. It’s controlled by a WiFi app that you install on your phone or tablet. This allows you to adjust your heating from anywhere in the world, whether that’s simply from across the room, while you’re out at work, or even on the other side of the planet provided you have an internet connection. Make your heating more flexible to reduce waste and only ever use the energy that you need.

As a convector heater, this model makes a great starting point for anyone looking to get started with smart heating. It’s low-cost to buy and cheap to run, and it’s incredibly easy to use with the app. This makes it tremendous value for money.

This heater works efficiently thanks to its X-shaped aluminium heating element. Aluminium is the premium metal for heating element construction as it conducts heat incredibly well while still being lightweight and durable. The X shape ensures maximum surface area, improving the amount of heat generated while still ensuring the heater is lightweight and portable.

The smart app lets you fully program your heater with just a few taps of your smartphone or tablet. This lets you adjust your thermostat and set the 24/7 timer to make your heating work around your schedule. Set the temperature just the way you like it, down to the degree, or swap between the three pre-set modes in seconds. You can also program the heater using the onboard control panel.

If you use your heater while a window is left open, you’ll end up wasting a lot of energy. This is because it won’t be able to reach its target temperature as all the heat will simply escape out the window, but it’ll work flat out to try and do so. This heater avoids this problem thanks to its open window detection setting. When active, it simply switches the unit off when it detects an open window and switches back on when the window shuts. This dramatically reduces the amount of energy you’ll waste every year.

These heaters are IP24 rated and splashproof, meaning they’re safe to install in bathroom zones.

Each heater comes with everything you need to mount them on a wall or use free-standing as a portable space heater.

Colour White
Depth 85mm
Height 435mm
IP Rating IP24
Manufacturer Part Code MHPH05-20E
Wattage 2kW
Width 810mm