2kW Ultra Slim Electric Panel Heater with 24/7 Timer, 800 x 55 x 430mm, LED, White, Lot 20 Compliant

Part Code: SPH05-20E

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Part Code: SPH05-20E
  • Digital control
  • Super slim design X shape aluminum heating element
  • Power from 500W-2000W
  • Free standing and wall mounted using
  • Temperature setting: 5°C to 35°C
  • LED display
  • Comfort / ECO / Anti-frost mode
  • Windows open function
  • Weekly working program

This electric panel heater boasts a wide range of energy-saving and efficient features to heat your property efficiently throughout winter.

With 24/7 programming, the user can set the desired temperature across every hour of the week and base this on your own particular lifestyle. The accurate thermostat then closely maintains this temperature, ensuring the panel heater keeps your room warm, comfortable and efficiently heated.

In contrast, traditional electric heaters with inferior thermostats would allow the room temperature to vary wildly, needlessly using energy as well as making the occupants either too warm or too cold. Heat is generated through the top grilles of the appliance and quickly transferred across the room. Secondary heat is generated through the front panel of the unit to aid heat transfer.

The LED display ensures programming is a simple and straightforward process to ensure you can truly maximise the energy savings available

Colour White
Depth 55mm
Height 430mm
IP Rating IP24
Wattage 2kW
Width 800mm