2kW Ceramic Electric Panel Heater, 885 x 115 x 450mm, LED, White, Lot 20 Compliant


2kW Ceramic Electric Panel Heater, 885 x 115 x 450mm, LED, White, Lot 20 Compliant

Part Code: MY0220R

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Part Code: MY0220R

This energy-efficient panel heater is full of great energy-saving features, making sure it’s great for the planet and even better for your energy bills. It’s designed from the ground up to reduce waste energy, whether you use it in place of central heating or as an occasional bit of extra heat. With a heat-retaining ceramic plate heating element, full thermostat control, timer, open window detection, and more, it’s one of the most advanced electric heaters on the market.

The ceramic heating element at the heart of this panel heater is designed from the ground up for panel heaters. That makes it one of the most efficient heaters on the market as it can both generate and store heat at the same time. It heats up quickly and cools down slowly, so it’ll continue to keep you warm even without drawing power.

Stay in full control of your room temperature, down to the degree, thanks to this heater’s full thermostat control. The thermostat ensures the heater switches on and off as required to keep your heater at precisely the right temperature. It works with the ceramic heating element to give you the maximum heat from the minimum amount of energy. If you have your heater on for an hour, it’ll only need to draw power for a fraction of that time.

Keep complete control over your energy bills using the fully programmable 24/7 timer. This allows you to program how your heaters runs every hour or every day. You can pre-heat your kitchen for when you come home from work, or warm up your bedroom when you go to bed. This gives you much more flexibility than traditional central heating, as you only need to warm the rooms you’re using at any given time.

This heater has an open window detection setting, meaning you never need to worry about wasting energy. It detects the sudden drop in temperature that occurs when a door or window is left open and – rather than waste energy working flat out to heat up a draughty room – will turn off. Once the room temperature stabilises, the heater switches itself back on.

You can safely install this heater in bathroom zones as it’s IP24 rated and protected against splashing water.

EcoDesign Lot 20 is a set of regulations that ensure heating products are as eco-friendly as possible. This certification means you can buy with confidence that you’re getting one of the most cutting-edge, cost-effective, energy-efficient heaters on the market.

Colour White
Depth 115mm
Height 450mm
IP Rating IP24
Manufacturer Part Code MY0220R
Wattage 2kW
Width 885mm