1.5kW Ceramic Electric Panel Heater, 735 x 115 x 450mm, LED, White, Lot 20 Compliant

Part Code: MY0215R

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Part Code: MY0215R
  • Ceramic heating element
  • Wall mounted using only
  • Big white LCD screen display
  • Temperature setting: 5°C to 35°C
  • ECO/Comfort/Anti-frost mode
  • Weekly working program
  • Windows open function
  • Overheat safety protection

The ceramic heating element inside this unit is specially designed for panel heaters. It heats up quickly, and it generates and stores heat at the same time. Once the heater’s thermostat control detects the room has reached your target temperature, it switches off and uses the heat stored in the ceramic plate to keep you warm without using power.

The heater is fitted with thermostat control and a fully-programmable 24/7 timer so you can use it flexibly, according to your schedule. If you use it at work, you can program it to turn on only during weekday office hours. If you’re using it around the house, you can use it to pre-heat your home before you arrive in from work or use it through the night when frost is forecast.

There’s no point using a heater if you’ve forgotten to close the window. Your heater won’t be able to reach its target temperature, so you won’t be making the most of your efficient thermostat control. These models feature an open window detection setting, which turns the heater off automatically if they detect you’ve left the window open. Once you close the window and the room temperature stabilises, the heater will turn itself back on. All of this means you’ll never have to worry about wasting energy by forgetting to close the window!

ERP Lot 20 is the latest set of European energy efficiency regulations. If your panel heater meets these standards, you know you’re legally guaranteed a cutting-edge, eco-friendly heater. ERP compliant heaters are suitable for landlords looking to install cost-effective heating in their property or building contractors who are working on a property development project.

Colour White
Depth 115mm
Height 450mm
IP Rating IP24
Wattage 1.5kW
Width 735mm