Wireless Magnet Detector, White


Wireless Magnet Detector, White

Part Code: DS-PDMC-EG2-WE

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Product Details
Part Code: DS-PDMC-EG2-WE
  • Slim design for an unobtrusive (unnoticeable) installation
  • Fully remote configurable through App
  • Multiple enrollment methods and easy installation design
  • Frequency hopping against jamming for reliable transmission

DS-PDMC-EG2-WE is a wireless opening detector that notifies of first signs of room intrusion by means of a broken door or window. It can be mounted on all types of doors including metal base and the onboard inputs will allow user to extend applications by wiring to different wired sensors.

Colour White
EAN 6941264054061
Manufacturer Part Code DS-PDMC-EG2-WE
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