Unfused Test Lead Kit, 4mm, Black/Red

Part Code: TIS3TLK

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Part Code: TIS3TLK
  • Allows for easy AC current measurement using a clamp meter on 2 or 3 wire power cords
  • AC voltage to 250V, AC current to 13A
  • Allows measurement of earth leakage
  • Enables safe measurement of current without the need to separate conductors
  • Ideal for use with the TIS 518, 418, 438, 237, 247 & 257 clamp meters, plus TIS 560 earth leakage clamp
  • Separates the live conductor from the neutral and earth
  • Allows voltage measuring on 13A sockets

The TIS 455 Line Splitter is an ideal accessory when using a clamp meter to measure AC current as it splits the live conductor from the neutral and earth. Ideal when PAT testing to measure loads of individual equipment, including earth leakage.