Galv Spray & Paint

Working with iron, or iron rich alloys? It’s recommended that you use protective primers to prevent rust and corrosion. Our high quality range includes both primers and galvanised sprays to help your paint last much longer. 

Preventing paint from peeling and flaking, treating your surface properly with a paint primer helps your paint go on with a smooth finish, and last without chipping.

Galvanised paint spray is one of the most durable forms of corrosion protection on the market, helping you to protect your surfaces for up to 100 years. Best used in conjunction with a primer, this spray protects iron and steel industrial equipment from rust, and reseals scratches in the material also.

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Galvanising Spray Paint, 400ml

Priced per 1 Tin
Please contact your local store for details
Show details for  Galvanised Paint Spray, 400ml

Galvanised Paint Spray, 400ml

Priced per 1
Please contact your local store for details