Three Phase Surge Arrester, Type 1/2

Part Code: WSP415/I/TT

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Part Code: WSP415/I/TT

Three phase Type 1 and 2 tested (BS EN 61643) surge protector for use primarily on mains power distribution systems to protect connected equipment from transient overvoltages.

Designed for use at the boundaries of LPZ 0a to LPZ 2 as part of a coordianted SPD system (BS EN 62305), this type of protection is usually used for equipotential bonding in structures that have a Lightning Protection System (LPS) fitted, at the point cables enter the structure (LPZ 0a or b to LPZ 1 boundary).

Depth 64mm
Height 92mm
Operating Voltage 415V
SPD Type Three Phase
Width 145mm