Surface Mount Ceiling PIR Presence Detector, 360°, 10m, IP55, White

Part Code: PDSM1500

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Product Details
Part Code: PDSM1500
  • Switches lights ON when presence is detected and to light level (LUX) settings
  • Ideal for energy saving installations in the workplace, corridors, offices, toilets etc
  • Up to 1500W loading (6A) for incandescent, halogen, fluorescent and inductive lighting or 250W (1A) fan
  • Units can be wired in parallel (not exceeding total load)
  • Enhanced 360° detection zone for optimum coverage
  • Up to 10m detection range for motion and 3m for presence detection at 3m mounting height
  • IP55 environmental rating(internal use only)
  • Can also be mounted on a standard BS surface mount or flush mount box
  • Up to 420W LED (Max) lighting

Timeguard take PIR Presence Detection to the next level for optimum coverage and with up to 1500W loading and 10m detection range this powerful unit is the ideal choice for all energy saving installations.

Colour White
Depth 53mm
Height 86mm
IP Rating IP55
Width 86mm