Collingwood Lighting

Smart Dimmable Bridge, 120W, 155mm x 44mm x 30mm, White

Part Code: CWSBRI

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Product Details
Part Code: CWSBRI
  • Install in the Ceiling Void, In-Between the Light Switch and the First Light Fitting
  • 1 Dimmable Bridge per lighting circuit
  • Works with dimmable lights only
  • Download and control via the Collingwood Lighting app - CWD SMART
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Siri Shortcuts
  • Mesh network technology - add more devices to build up the mesh
  • Use alongside other Collingwood smart devices to create custom scenes
  • Set customised schedules
  • Use with a standard light switch or a retractive switch
  • ZigBee technology
  • Each installation requires a Collingwood Hub

Collingwood's smart lighting product range is ideal for residential applications. We have specifically designed and developed the system to be easy to use and simple to install. A range of lamps, plugs and control devices are available, to ensure that the majority of smart lighting applications are covered. The hub is central to the system and it's functionality, ensure that there is a hub included in each installation. The mesh technology builds up coverage in the home as signals pass between devices to eliminate dead spots and ensure quick transmission of commands to actions.