Professional Electric Water Pump Pliers with Push Button Adjustment, 250mm

Part Code: 37450

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Part Code: 37450

Installation projects often involve pipes, nuts, as well as rounded and edged materials in a variety of dimensions. Water pump pliers offer the optimal grip for all occasions. With a 9-step detent adjustment it offers maximum variability in the installation area, where it can be quickly and easily adjusted and locked at the push of a button. Crushing injuries are prevented thanks to the integrated clamping protection. Double guidance based on a box joint ensures the greatest stability of the pliers. At the same time, the slim design in the head and joint area provides reliable access to the work piece, even in confined areas. The handles of the pliers are covered in anti-slip plastic and offer users a strong grip, even in oily or wet work situations. The ergonomically shaped handles of the pliers also ensure comfortable, fatigue-proof work. In addition, slipping off the work piece is prevented by the self-clamping on pipes and nuts, thus enabling highly comfortable work. When in use, the high-quality specially hardened teeth guarantee a reliable secure grip with long-term durability. The robust water pump pliers are dirt resistant. The water pump pliers are manufactured as per the international IEC 60900 standard and thus approved for working on live parts up to 1000VAC.

Length 250mm
Maximum Jaw Opening 50mm