Wall Lights

Drape your walls in style with our collection of wall lights featuring a vast range of colours, styles and materials. With a range of both down lights, up-downlights, and spotlights with PIR Motion sensors, you'll be sure to find a fantastic feature light for your needs.

All of our outdoor wall lights are IP rated and built to last by reputable manufacturers such as Lutec and Saxby, so rain or shine you can always rely on your new wall light to bring some warmth to your outdoor space when the sun goes down.

Take a look at our incredible range of wall lights below.


What is a PIR Wall Light?

PIR stands for Passive Infrared. PIR wall lights work by detecting movement and turning the light on for a period of time. They can be used for security purposes, temporarily lighting up dark areas to deter people or to provide extra lighting for CCTV.