Outdoor Wall Lights

Our range of outdoor wall lights adds both style and functionality to your outdoor spaces. Drape your walls in style with our collection of outdoor wall lights featuring a vast range of colours, styles and materials. With a range of both downlights, up-downlights, and spotlights with PIR motion sensors, you'll be sure to find a fantastic feature light for your needs.

All of our outdoor wall lights are IP rated and built to last by reputable manufacturers such as Lutec and Saxby, so rain or shine you can always rely on your new wall light to bring some warmth to your outdoor space when the sun goes down.

Take a look at our incredible range of external wall lights below.

Discover our range of outdoor wall lighting for home or work

Our extensive range of outdoor wall lighting is ideal for both commercial and domestic spaces and can provide a range of benefits beyond simply illuminating your outdoor area. Outdoor wall lights can increase safety and security by making it easier to navigate pathways in the dark and deter intruders while creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for outdoor work, events, and gatherings.

Types of outdoor wall light

Choose from a varied selection of outdoor wall lighting. From traditional lantern garden wall lights to contemporary stainless steel uplights, you're sure to find the right kind of outdoor wall light for your space.


Uplights and up-downlights create a stunning visual effect and add depth to your outdoor décor by projecting light upwards.


Downlights only project light downwards and are ideal for providing adequate lighting for pathways, stairs or entrances.


Spotlights are especially effective at highlighting specific features such as architecture or sculptures and keeping areas well-lit all year round.

Up & down lights

Up down lights are mounted directly to the wall, providing both upward and downward illumination.


What is a PIR wall light?

PIR stands for Passive Infrared and works by detecting movement and turning the light on for a period of time. They can be used for security purposes, temporarily lighting up dark areas to deter people or to provide extra lighting for CCTV.

Pir motion sensor lights are an excellent choice for those seeking a reliable and energy-efficient outdoor lighting solution. They emit light only when triggered by movement, making them a cost-effective option when compared to traditional continuous lighting options.

What brands of outdoor wall lights do you sell?

Our fantastic range of wall outdoor is made up of trusted, industry-leading lighting brands such as Knightsbridge, Lutec, Saxby, Searchlight and Eterna. The brands we work with are chosen for quality to ensure extensive and long-lasting products for our customers.

Where is the best position for outdoor wall lights?

Outdoor wall lights are perfect for illuminating entrances, pathways, steps and paths to prevent accidents and guide the way in the dark. They can also be used as accent lights to highlight trees, plants or architecture.

How many lumens should an outdoor wall light be?

The greater the number of lumens outdoor lights have, the brighter the light they will emit. Our lights range from 30 - 1455 lumens so it's easy to find the right kind of lighting for you, from ambient lighting to high intensity lights for larger outdoor areas. Typical outdoor lighting is between 100-300 lumens.

What is an IP rating?

All of our outdoor wall lights are IP rated, meaning that each light is designed to withstand the elements, making it ideal for outdoor use. IP stands for 'Ingress Protection' and it refers to the level of protection a fixture has against solid objects and moisture. The higher the IP rating, the more protection the product offers from environmental factors which is important to keep in mind when choosing your outside wall lights.

Do you offer LED outdoor wall lights?

Our exterior wall lights range includes a choice of LED products. LED bulbs can last for many years and consume low amounts of power, which makes them a brilliant energy-efficient and low-maintenance choice for homeowners and businesses alike.

Not sure which is the right outdoor wall light for you? Speak to our lighting experts on 01924 227941 or explore the range above.