Spike Lights

Our garden spike lights come in a selection of different styles to suit your outdoor décor. Plus, we sell spike lights which are manufactured by top brands such as Saxby, ML Accessories and Lutec, so you can trust that you’ll get great quality and value with our products.

Outdoor spike lights are a great addition to most outdoor spaces. Their spiked pole mount can be placed into the ground, a garden bed or a flowerpot to help boost illumination and improve the appearance of your garden. Our range of garden spike lights also provides you with an excellent way of highlighting your favourite features in your garden, shining a focused light on flowers, sculptures, and trees.

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What are the benefits of spike lights for your garden?

Safety and security

Garden lighting is an effective way to create a welcoming space and deter unauthorised people from entering your property. Lighting up pathways at night reduces the risk of trips and falls and allows for easy navigation around your outdoor space in the evening.

Enhance your outdoor space

Spike lights are easy to adjust and move around your garden so you can illuminate the areas you care about the most. They are available in a range of styles, sizes and colour temperatures so it's easy to create the atmosphere you'd like. From elegant white light to a softer, warm light for cosiness, you'll look forward to evening drinks on the patio in style.

Create a relaxing environment

A carefully placed spike light or collection of spike lights can have an impressive impact on the overall feel of your outdoor spaces. They can be used to highlight your favourite outdoor features such as flower beds and ponds, as well as building exteriors and entrances.

How do I install garden spike lights?

Most spike lights require you to dig a small hole large with a depth large enough to accommodate the light fixture to sit securely in the ground. Once the spike is secure in the ground, you can adjust the angle of the light to create the desired effect.

Follow the manufacturer's instructions for wiring your lights and get in touch with an electrician if you're unsure on how to install your lights safely.

Are spike lights weatherproof?

Garden lights are designed to withstand the elements but this can vary depending on the brand and model. For instance, many have an IP rating of 65 which ensures water resistance. A higher IP rating is recommended for outdoor spike lights that are open to the elements or are in areas with harsh weather conditions.

What is the best way to maintain garden spike lights?

Regular maintenance and correct installation will help to prolong the lifespan of your outdoor lights and keep them a reliable source of outdoor light.

Gently wipe with a damp cloth to remove dust and debris, carry out regular inspections to check for damage or dimming bulbs and inspect the connections between the light and the power source to check they are secure and water-proof.

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