Our collection of outdoor downlights are a fantastic way to add some discrete illumination to your outdoor spaces.

Available in a number of wattages and colour temperatures, you're sure to find the right light to enhance your outdoor spaces with soft low glare lighting.

Manufactured for durability, all of our outdoor downlights are IP65 rated so you don't have to worry about the weather ruining your day or your lights. With long lifetime bulbs, you can enjoy your garden lighting all year long. Take a look at our range of outdoor downlights and take your outdoor spaces to the next level today.


Can you use an IP65 downlight outdoors?

In short, yes you can use an IP65 downlight outdoors . Any light from IP45 to IP65 can be used in an outdoor environment. IP65 lights give the greatest protection against dust and rain. 

Can you use LED downlights outside?

It depends on if the LED bulb is IP rated or not. In most cases, lighting with an IP rating of between IP45 and IP65 can withstand anything mother nature can throw at it. LEDs typically run cold making them ideal for outdoor spaces where it is cooler than inside.

Can you use downlights outside?

It depends on if the downlight is IP rated or not. Typically anything between IP45 and IP65 can withstand the wind and rain. But even if a downlight isn't IP rated it could still be used outdoors depending on location and if it is likely to get direct or indirect rain.