Decorative Wall Lights

You'll find an excellent selection of decorative wall lights here at YESSS Electrical. Discover stylish decorative wall lights from leading brands such as Saxby, Searchlight and Eterna in a variety of different shapes, styles, sizes and designs to suit your interior design scheme.

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Box Twin Wall Light, 28W, White

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What types of decorative wall light do you supply?

From paintable plaster uplighters to wall sconces, recessed and plinth-style options, our range features decorative wall lamps to suit every space. From soft, frosted lighting to bright and modern wall lights with a higher Lumen count, choose the size, style and design to add character to your room. Available in ceramic, brushed silver, chrome and white. Browse our range today or contact us for more information on how to find the perfect wall lighting for your home or office.

Can I use decorative wall lights as the primary source of lighting in a room?

Decorative lights can be used as a primary source of light in smaller spaces that require ambient or accent lighting but are commonly used in conjunction with other light sources to provide a dynamic lighting solution in larger spaces. It is important to consider the brightness of your chosen wall lights before installation and to plan for strategic placement to ensure even light coverage across your space. Hallways, stairs, living rooms and bedrooms are all popular choices for decorative wall lights.

Are decorative wall lights energy-efficient?

Many modern decorative wall lights are compatible with LED bulbs. LED technology is much more energy-efficient compared to traditional incandescent bulbs. As well as being lower in energy consumption, LED wall lights typically have a much longer lifespan, requiring much less maintenance and replacement than traditional bulbs. LED bulbs can also help to lower your energy bills too.

How do I look after and maintain my decorative wall lights?

The most effective way to keep your decorative wall lights looking their best is to gently remove dust with a soft, dry cloth. Regular dusting and fingerprint removal will help to stop any build-up or tarnish on your light, depending on its material. Always check for any loose wiring or connections at the light source, including any visible damage, to ensure bright and safe lighting for years to come.

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