T5 LED Tubes

For smaller garages and gallery walls, we recommend our LED T5 tubes which shine consistent accent lighting for up to 50,000 hours. Rather than traditional halogen lamps, LED t5 tubes are up to 90% energy efficient, meaning you won’t need to replace bulbs in your home or property as often, as well as keeping your energy bills down.

Our bold T5 LED tubes range from 4ft 16W, perfect for conveniently fitting within smaller areas that still need bright light.

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What are the benefits of using T5 LED tubes?

T5 LED tubes are ideal for use in a variety of settings including home, office, commercial and industrial for general and task lighting. Their biggest benefit is their energy-efficiency, especially when compared to traditional fluorescent tubes which allows for huge savings on energy bills. The long-life span of a T5 LED tube means that they typically emit light for more than 50,0000 hours, requiring little maintenance and fewer replacements.

How do LED tubes compare to fluorescent tubes?

T5 LEDs are much brighter, longer-lasting and much more energy efficient compared to fluorescents. They also emit bright light without any flickering or warm-up time, making for better visual comfort and convenience.

What is the difference between T8 and T5 LED tubes?

T8 tubes a slightly larger in diameter compared to T5 tubes and are typically used in commercial and industrial settings, whereas T5 tubes are more suitable for homes, office spaces or retail environments. As T5s are smaller, they are typically more energy efficient and use less energy to generate the same light output. Both require different fixtures due to their size differences.

What colour temperatures are available for T5 LED tubes?

Our fantastic selection of T5 LEDs allows you to choose a colour temperature that suits your space. For instance, cool white is modern and sharp, while a warm white is soft and can help to create a softer atmosphere.

How long do T5 LED tubes last?

LED tubes typically last at least 50,000 operational hours. Factors such as usage patterns, environment and product quality can affect this, which is why YESSS Electrical only supply LED tubes from leading brands such as Crompton Lamps.

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