LED Tubular Lamps

Explore our brilliant range of LED tubular lamps from leading brands. Our high-quality selection is available in various lengths and sourced for outstanding performance and longevity to provide bright and reliable lighting solutions.

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Where are LED tube lights commonly used?

LED tubes are predominantly used in retail, commercial and industrial spaces to provide consistent and general lighting thanks to their long lifespan and energy efficiency. Common examples include schools, offices, retail stores, garages, hotels, warehouses and health facilities.

How do they differ from traditional tubular lamps?

LED tubes differ from traditional tubular lamps and are a popular replacement for traditional fluorescent lighting. They consume less energy, last longer, produce better light quality and are more environmentally friendly.

How do I choose the right colour temperature for my LED tubular lamps?

Choose the perfect colour temperature for your LED tube lights based on the mood you want to create. For a warm and cosy feel, go for 2700K; for areas where tasks are performed, pick a neutral or cool 4000K-5000K to enhance productivity.

What are the benefits of using LED tube lighting?

LED tube lights use less energy to produce the same amount of light as fluorescent tubes, making them an environmentally friendly choice for homes and businesses. They provide bright, flicker-free lighting with instant start-up, as well as a longer lifespan and reduced costs on maintenance and energy bills.

Are LED tubular lamps easy to install?

LED tubular lamps are designed to be easy to install and can usually be fitted into fixtures that previously housed fluorescent tubes without the need for complex modifications.

Always follow the manufacturer's instructions provided or consult your local electrician to ensure a safe and successful installation.

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