Golf Balls

A modern, slick design is exactly what our golf ball LED light bulb collection provides. Often used as a decorative room element, these bulbs are well suited to table lamps or wall lights thanks to their unique golf ball shape and bright light. Aesthetic and eco-friendly, LED bulbs are now widely used as a more energy-efficient option across the UK.

Available in warm white and frosted white, a golf ball LED light bulb can be used to add a more subtle atmosphere to a room. You’re spoilt for choice with our dimmable golf ball LED bulb and non dimmable golf ball LED bulb range.

If you love modern or minimalistic decor, what are you waiting for?

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Non Dimmable


What is the difference between a dimmable and non dimmable light bulb?

When you turn on a non-dimmable bulb, current flows directly to the filament, causing it to heat up and emit light. With a dimmable bulb, a small amount of current is initially sent to the filament, allowing it to emit a lower level of light. More or less current is supplied to the filament, depending on how you adjust your switch or dimmer controls.

What are the advantages of LED golf ball light bulbs?

LED lighting is increasingly popular as it is highly energy-efficient and long-lasting. Not only can LED bulbs make great savings on energy bills, they can also last up to 25 times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs and require less replacements over their lifespan. Their light is bright, even and flicker-free, ideal for creating ambience with high visibility in both commercial or domestic spaces. They require less energy to emit light, making them much better for the environment and safer to use as they are less likely to overheat or be hot to the touch if well ventilated. LED golfball bulbs are available in range of styles, dimmable options and colour temperatures with a light colour such as cool white and warm white so you can create the right atmosphere for your space. Golf ball light bulbs are also small in size, making them ideal for use in smaller light fittings or in areas with limited space.

Are LED golf ball bulbs compatible with all types of lighting fixtures?

LED golf ball shaped bulbs are designed to fit into almost any fixture, including a standard bayonet cap, E27 Edison screw or an E14 screw-in base (a small Edison screw). These are common fitting in most homes. A special fitting is not needed for LED bulbs.

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