LED Globe Bulbs

Make a statement with our LED globe bulbs. These gorgeous bulbs will add a vintage twist to any room and are ideal for most fixtures. From beautiful warm yellow hues to frosty white, choose from a variety of colour temperatures and styles to suit your decor. Whether you're looking for non-dimmable or dimmable, we'll have the right bulb for you. 

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Are LED globe light bulbs energy-efficient?

Our LED globe bulb range is 90% energy efficient, making them much kinder to the planet compared to traditional incandescent bulbs. LED globes use LED technology which provides a bright and consistent light with less energy output than traditional bulbs, saving you money on your energy bills. 

Where are globe light bulbs commonly used?

Globe light bulbs are typically seen in the hospitality industry for lighting large areas as well as for decorative purposes in restaurants, bars and hotels. They are becoming popular in homes too, especially as exposed bulb fixtures. Exposed filament globe bulbs make a striking addition to tables, shelves and bedside tables. 

Is there anything I need to consider before choosing a globe bulb? 

While globe bulbs are larger than traditional bulbs (including the golf ball bulb), they will fit into standard light fittings, but you'll need to check that the lamp shade is large enough if you're using one. Our range includes B15, B2 and E27 so you're sure to find the right type for your fixture. The light bulb itself is available in different sizes, colour temperatures and styles. 

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