G4 LED Capsules

Our LED G4 capsule bulbs are the perfect choice for intricate decorative projects, with illuminating end results for the most compact of light fittings. These delicate bulbs are most often used for specialist projects, like car lighting and cooker hoods, and can be integrated with other bulbs where needed. 

These types of bulbs are known as the eco-friendly option, due to them lasting up to 20 times longer than incandescent bulbs or halogen bulbs, meaning less replacements and resources are needed.

LED capsule G4 bulbs are low voltage, with two pins set 4mm apart - available in a cool white and warm white, with charges ranging from 0.9W to 2W. 

Products from our high-quality range include: G4 Capsule 2W, G4 Capsule 0.9W, G4 LED Frosted 1.5W, LED Lamp 1.5W and COB G4 LED Frosted 1.5W.

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