Travel Mugs

Are you looking for a reliable travel mug for on the go drinking? If so, look no further than our fantastic range of TOPL reusable leak-proof travel mugs. 

A TOPL travel mug is the perfect accessory for any commuter. A stainless steel, vacuum insulated travel cup with a smart twist lock lid, the travel cups in this range are designed to enable natural drinking whilst on the move. Leaks and spillages won’t be an issue with a TOPL reusable coffee cup, and their regulated flow helps to reduce the risk of any mishaps. 

TOPL travel cups aren’t your regular travel mugs with lids – they are strong, efficient and built with spill-proof patented technology. Our TOPL mugs have an ergonomic design and also enable 360° drinking to ensure that you can sip your favourite hot or cold beverage with ease. These innovative travel cups offer up to 6 hours of cold beverage drinking and up to 4 hours of hot beverage drinking, making them suitable for everything from warm coffee and tea to cold fresh juice.

These travel cups are built with a non-slip base and a ceramic body. Unlike standard disposable cups, the ceramic build allows you to take in the full aroma of your beverage and thus enhances the taste.

At YESSS Electrical, we stock TOPL cups in a range of sizes such as 8 oz (short) and 12 oz (regular). We also supply these reusable leak proof travel mugs in a variety of colours, including off-white, hot coral, teal green, jet black and stone grey.

Take a look at our superb range of sustainable TOPL travel mugs today to find the best reusable coffee cup for your needs. You can also take a look at our video on TOPL mugs here


What is a reusable travel mug?

A reusable travel mug is a travel cup designed for on the go use. These travel mugs are usually insulated, to keep drinks warm or cold depending on the type of beverage. A travel mug is a great investment, as they reduce waste and allow you to take your favourite hot or cold drink with you anywhere you go.

What is the best travel mug UK?

There is a vast range of travel mugs available on the market. At YESSS Electrical, we stock TOPL travel mugs as we believe that these are some of the best travel mugs available in the UK. These leak proof travel mugs are strong, sturdy and durable, and available in a variety of colours and sizes. They also feature a non-slip base to prevent them from being knocked over and causing spillages.

How do you remove stains from a reusable travel mug?

The best way to remove stains from your reusable travel mug is to let the cup soak in warm water with some dishwashing liquid. You could also use baking soda and distilled white vinegar for particularly stubborn stains.