CDD065 Core Drill 65x150mm

Part Code: CDD065

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Part Code: CDD065
  • Our Dry Diamond Core Drills offer a quick, clean and economical way to drill soft abrasive materials such as standard facing bricks and concrete building blocks
  • Dust Relief Slots help the dust escape and not become trapped in between the barrel and material which will improve performance
  • 130mm Throat is designed for deep core drilling, with the ability to core through a standard brick in one action – no need to stop and break out the core
  • Designed with the optimum segment configuration as the segments sit in balance with the body and give relief internally and externally. This results in smoother and more accurate cutting and helps material core removal
  • Laser welded segments create a stronger bond between tip and barrel resulting in increased core durability in extreme drilling conditions
  • Industry segment heights can be as low as 7mm wheras Armeg Dry Diamond Cores are designed with 9mm segments to increase product life
  • Designed with a high concentration of diamond grit within the segment structure, allowing the Cores to be used on 'rotary only' for cleaner exit holes, improved performance and product life
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