EV Cables

Combine power and data into one cable with an EV Ultra cable. Available in four variations of either PVC Tuff-Sheath, steel wire armoured, CAT5, or CAT5 armoured. Each version includes a hard-wired connection - more reliable and secure than WiFi alone - to improve performance. These innovative, industry-first EV charging cables combine direct power conductors with a screened data cable, allowing EV installers to fit just a single dedicated cable rather than a complicated system of multiple cable types. Make your charge point installations quicker, easier and tidier than ever before. We also have an impressive range of EV chargers to choose from.


What is an EV Ultra Cable?

EV ultra cables combine a power cable with a data cable in a single jacket, allowing for hard-wired but intuitive connections at EV charging points.

This enables the cable to meet OLEV regulations while also boasting the efficiency of a traditional hardwire without the higher cost of multiple cables or safety concerns regarding too many connections.

What cable is used for EV charging?

This range includes a 4mm² or 6mm² 3 Core power electric car charging cable.

How thick is a car charging cable?

The thicker the electric vehicle charging cable, the easier it is for power to travel to its intended output. EV Ultra cables are available in either 4mm² or 6mm².