Smart Storage Solutions

Smart Storage Solution

Published: Wednesday, 07 June 2023

Many businesses are often unaware of the usage of indirect materials within their operation. Inventory is placed in various locations and what is being used is not always monitored. Replenishment's for products are performed in a reactive way which can lead to problems varying from: overspending, shortages, overconsumption and expediting of inventory. This can result in a higher risk of costly production downtime. Smart Storage Solutions seeks to mitigate this issue which means it’s a great sustainable solution.

In this article we will look at our enterprise level asset management system Smart Storage Solution and how it can help your business.

What is Smart Storage Solutions?

Smart Storage Solutions is a new access controlled unmanned storeroom designed to successfully manage and control usage of stock right at the heart of the customers own business. Fitted with a camera on entry and RFID scanners, it’s a perfect way to keep track of who is taking your product and where your product is going. With our app integration it has never been easier to buy stock from us. This also means it’s a great sustainable way to decrease your carbon footprint by keeping track of stock, reducing production downtime, and lowering fuel usage on any unnecessary travel and shipping goods. 

Analytics shows the user who entered the POD, what they removed out of the POD and when and where it happened this also comes with a time stamp notifying users of exactly what has been removed.


How it works

  1. Download the YESSS Customer app – Firstly, you want to have access to our YESSS Customer app, this will allow you to access and leave the POD safely.
  2. YESSS account manager assigns users – Your YESSS account manager will then be able to assign users who are allowed access to your POD, you also have full control with how much access users have with your POD meaning that only authorised engineers are allowed to create project names and order numbers.
  3. Locate SSS and check stock availability – Next, you will locate your local Smart Store and have access to inventory products are available meaning you won’t have to waste your time heading to a location that doesn’t have the stock you require.
  4. Download a unique QR code security key – Once you have found your local Smart Store, you will then download a unique QR code. This will be your unique QR security key to get into the Smart Store.
  5. Enter order number or project name – Before downloading your unique QR security key our system will ask the user for an order number or project name. Once this information has been input into the user’s device the unique QR code will then be displayed. Entry to the Smart Store will not be possible until these fields have been completed.
  6. Scan your QR code to enter Smart Store – Once you reach the Smart Store you will have to scan the QR code for the door to unlock and allow you access.
  7. Collect items you want to purchase – You will then receive access inside the rear storage compartment where you are able collect the products you need for your project. 
  8. Once you have your items, return through the door with your items to be scanned before leaving – After you have collected your items you will then be able to leave the rear storage compartment. Once you have left the rear storage compartment you will wait inside the Smart Pod for it to scan all your products and once finished the door will then unlock allowing you to exit. 
  9. Once you have left the Smart Store you will receive a notification for an advice note which is stored under goods advised within the app – The system will then send the engineer an advice note with all the products you have purchased and will update you via the YESSS Customer App, this will be available for all users to see.
  10. Digital copies of the purchase can also be sent to customer purchasing team – We will also send you digital proof of purchase to your customer purchasing team to make sure all purchases have been notified.

Pod Features

The POD has a variety of features to help keep your products and engineers safe. With these safety measures in place the Smart Store is a great place to have on site without the risk of any theft.

Camera – the POD comes equipped with 2 security cameras, 1 mounted inside the Smart Store and 1 on the rear wall facing the secure store (a third camera is supplied to 40ft containers). The cameras come with a 90-day video recovery and static photos are taken with every transaction.

Product scanning – The Smart Store is an RFID scanning system which houses 4x RFID antennae. The RFID system will be able to scan any products that come through the Smart POD even if they are not visible. Reducing the chance of theft or missed items.

No activity timer – If an accident was to happen to the user and they were unable to move then the POD comes equipped with an ‘no activity timer.’ Once there is no activity within the POD for a set period of time, then an alarm will sound notifying individuals that someone within the POD is needing assistance. Additionally, the two single doors will release, and a siren will sound.

Break glass – On each door there will be an emergency ‘break glass’. By triggering the non-activity timer, the electronic door will release and a siren will activate and will send the owner an email and text notification informing them of the alarm. 

Internet connection – The POD is installed with a SIM card (Vodafone as standard but any other network can be used) giving the POD a direct internet connection with our software. There is no need for additional network or cabling.

Fail safe escape – Every POD is equipped with a physical door release in the case of a power outage or manual override.

Smoke Detectors – All POD are installed with a number of smoke detectors, and they are housed within the communications cupboard, Smart Pod, and rear storeroom. If they were to trigger, then it would activate the no activity timer protocol, send you an email and text notification and apply the electronic door release allowing you to safely exit the POD.


It has never been easier to buy stock from us with the implementation of Smart Storage Solutions. We hope this guide has helped you in understanding more about Smart Storage Solutions and the benefits it can add to your company. 

To see a demo of Smart Storage Solutions, check out our YouTube video which walks you through the process of taking stock from our Smart Storage Solutions PODs.

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