How to find EV charging stations on Google Maps

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Published: Thursday, 09 February 2023

How to Find EV Charging Stations on Google Maps

Electric vehicles are continually growing in popularity as a greener and cheaper alternative to petrol and diesel cars. The EV market is currently booming with electric vehicle car sales increasing by 186% in 2020. Charging your EV regularly is a huge part of owning an electric vehicle, and if you’re not lucky enough to have a home charger, you’ll need to frequently visit public charging stations. 

To meet the increasing demand of electric vehicles, public EV charging points are now being installed all over the UK. With that in mind, Google Maps have recently made it easier than ever for you to find an EV charging station near you. 

Continue reading this handy guide brought to you by YESSS Electrical to find out how to locate your nearest EV charging point with Google Maps.

How Do I Find My Nearest EV Charging Station with Google Maps?

Google Maps now allows you to find the closest electric vehicle charging station to you.This feature is available in both the UK and the US.

This addition is particularly useful for those planning longer journeys or looking for a charging station near their holiday destination. So, if you’re using Google Maps to navigate, you can now easily plan a route with a charging station along the way. 

Step-by-Step on How to Use the Google Maps EV Charging Stations Feature

Wondering how to use Google Maps to find your nearest EV charging station? Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you.

Step 1 - Download the appTo View the electric charging stations map, begin
by simply downloading the Google Maps app
onto your smartphone. This can be found in
your mobile phone's app store. Use either
Google Play for Android products or the 
App store for Apple products.
Step 2 - Begin the searchOnce Google Maps has been downloaded onto
your mobile phone and you can locate it on
the homescreen, go into the app and search
'EV charging stations' into the search tab to
see the EV charging station map.
Step 3 - Filter the searchThe electric car charging stations map will
appear with a list of stations near your area.
The list will tell you how far away the EV
charging station is and the type of electric
vehicle is is suitable for. In the United States,
you can also see whether the EV charger is 
used or available. This feature is yet to be 
brought to the UK.

To filter the search and make it more relevant, 
select 'add plugs' and choose the plug that
is appropriate for your EV. This will make
sure the search only brings up EV charging
stations that are suitable for your charger car. 

Step 4 - Save the search to favouritesIf you want to keep the EV charging station 
you've selected for future reference, simply 
click 'save' which will then allow you to go back
and easily find the EV charging station as and 
when required.

You can use this setting for as many EV charging
stations as you'd like, which is particularly useful
if you're going on holiday or need to save 
multiple locations.

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Charge Your EV Quickly and Conveniently at Home

Home charging is a much more convenient, safe and cost-effective way to charge your electric vehicle. With a domestic EV charger, you can save the time, money and energy it takes to travel to a public charging station.

Switching to a home charger has never been easier with YESSS Electrical. Instead of looking for a public charging station near you, you can now have an EV charger fitted at your property so that you can charge your electric vehicle overnight and benefit from lower electricity costs. 

At YESSS Electrical we stock a range of domestic and commercial EV chargers including Wallbox, PodPoint and Easee. Take a look at our comprehensive range today, or give us a call on 01924 227941 for more information.

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