A9D31810 iC60H RCBO 10A 30mA

Part Code: A9D31810

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Part Code: A9D31810

The single-phase iC60H RCBOs self-contained residual current device carries out complete protection of final circuits: protection against short-circuits and cable overloads protection of persons against electric shock by direct contact (10, 30mA sensitivities) protection of persons against electric shock by indirect contact (100mA sensitivity) protection of equipment against fires set by leakage currents (100mA sensitivity). The neutral is not interrupted when the device is tripped. Hence iC60H RCBO can be used on most circuits except for the ones operating under TT or IT earthing Systems.

Brand Schneider
Breaking Capacity 10kA
Current Rating 10A
EAN 3606480558368
Mounting Type DIN Rail
Number of Poles 1 Pole
Product Range iC60H Series
Rated Voltage 240V