4 Channel Receiver with Programmable Thermostat Display

Part Code: H3747 + TD + APP

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Product Details
Part Code: H3747 + TD + APP
  • 4 channels, 3A rated, volts free operation
  • Optimum start and stop
  • 9 pin backplate
  • Local override
  • Load compensation for efficiency and comfort
  • Service Interval reminder
  • Installer and user app (Android and iOS)
  • Local control by mobile app using wireless technology
  • Remote control capability by Wi-Fi adaptor

The new H3747 is a receiver / PTD unit (for managing up to 4 channels) which can control combi or system boilers. Out of the box it is wireless enabled and can be operated by an app. With the optional Wi-Fi adapter, it can fully control your heating system outside of the home via the app. Ideal for replacing traditional wired controls for systems that require separate control of heating and hot water or multiple heating zones. It is compatible with standard 9-pin backplate offered with our popular ChannelPlus, the programmer range can easily replace the H37 or H47XL with only minimum wiring changes. It includes a load compensation algorithm that significantly improves boiler efficiency by preventing short-cycling and overshooting of temperature when used with programmable thermostat display (PTD). Load compensation has been shown to save energy compared to traditional systems, while maintaining more consistent comfort levels.

Colour White
Display Type Digital Display
IP Rating IP30